Empowering The Mare Owner 

Mare Power LLC

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Who's Who

THE MARES of Mare Power

Our count changes daily, please be patient while we do our best to keep it up to date. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Registered Mares                                                Owners

Cause Sheza Bully

Classified As Jamie

First Black Secret

Legs Gone Wild

Lil Nick Bar

Sunny C Ima Luv Bug

Easy French Chick

TT Bailey Sue

Jess Senorita

Im Not Counterfeit

Sabrinas Earth Angel

MS Luckystars

Streakin Miss Sarah

Quick Glo

Stoli My Guy 

Perrywater Dash

BB Charjet Firewater

Sheezgotcha Baby

Sheeza Hank Baby

Bugs Do It Better

Lavishing Jewel

Signature Rose

Spot Me Some Money

All Of Buttons Honor

Baby Lee Bug

Be A Smokin Bug

Design Ta Be Famous

Our Blue Velvet

Pretty Fancy Shadow

LRH Ali Marae

Mitzi Bar None

TR Dashing Badger

TR Double Cash

Red Lady Fly

First To Perk

VF Red Lights

SX Letta Honey Doit

Smokin Shuttle

Be My Alibi

French Fire N Fame

Bald Ridge

Daves Jet Ta Fame

Two Tru Rare Babe

CP Hoot Ta Boot


Rods Last Ladybug 

BCR Popular Scotti

Blazin Memory


Go Go Fame

First Vanila

Graves Slick Nickbar

I Can See Shawnee

Ima Cash Dancer 

Famous Lika Rockstar

Jade Ta Fame

Sissys Little Coin

Miss Bold Moonlight

Streakin Silvercreek

PA Firey French Kiss


Mulberry Ta Fame

Just Do It Honey

CP Dark Moon

Duck The Judge

Marci Anderson Allen

Marci Anderson Allen

Marci Anderson Allen

Leslie Newman

Sunny C Ranch

Sunny C Ranch

Sunny C Ranch

Sunny C Ranch

Sunny C Ranch

Kimberly Kegler

Kimberly Kegler

Tae E Markgraf

Ginger LaDuke/Eva Edwards

Melissa Neal

Lisa and Jeremy Nichols

Lisa and Jeremy Nichols

Howard or Laurie Nichols

Hallie Bradford

April Pride

Hallie Bradford

Carol Lee

Carol Lee

Allison Young

Katherine Sheresa Jackson

Melanie A Addison

Melanie A Addison

Michelle Blanchet

Julie Wetering

M. Shane & Sandy Hickey

Schiller Ranch, LLC

Schiller Ranch, LLC

Thomas Ranch

Thomas Ranch

JC & Whitney Cabral

Bear Creek Quarter Horses

Bear Creek Quarter Horses

Katie Farley

Marion Gramith

Peter & Veronica Hennis

Kristi Stalls

Gleason Ranch Inc

Gleason Ranch Inc

Sue Ruzick

Donna Heinen

Corinna Algerio

Jason Martin/Charlie Cole

Bailey&Tia Moore &Cody McCartney

Edward A Pennington

FC Ranch

Sharin Hall

Stephanie Forbes

Susan L Lousberg

Driven Performance Horses

RSL Enterprises LLC

Kelsey Schweikert

Jennifer L Hinton

Southern Rose Ranch

Kelly Grady 

Melissa Ailshie

Cody Kessler

Kati Jacobs

Kati Jacobs

Kati Jacobs

Amber Moore

Alex Thompson