Empowering The Mare Owner 

Mare Power LLC

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Q&A about Mare Power

What is Mare Power’s Bonus Money Program?


Mare Power was created to increase the value of a mare’s foals for selling purposes. This gives mare owners more opportunities to be eligible for added money and prizes, as well as the mare’s offspring being eligible for nomination.




What does it cost?


Broodmare registration is $100(per mare per year) and the mare will be put on our Mare Power List. Once a broodmare is registered, you must keep her registered yearly for $100 and this makes her foals eligible for nomination. Foal nomination is a 1 time fee of $150(if paid within 1 year of birth date) this fee is for the life of the offspring. Once 1 yr lapses nomination will cost $200. If you have a mare that you want to compete on and have her eligible for MP Bonus Money, that mare can be registered for $100, and then nominated for $150.  

*See rule #1 under To Nominate for clarification




What horses are eligible to compete for Mare Power’s Bonus Money?


  1. AQHA, APHA, ApHC, and Jockey Club
  2. Mares (being competed on)
  3. Offspring(mare, gelding, stallion) of MP registered mares




If I register my broodmare how many of her offspring can be nominated?


The first year a mare is registered in Mare Power, 15 offspring can be nominated for $150 each, and this includes ET foals. Every year after that 1 foal may be nominated, unless there are multiple foals via Embryo Transfer.



Who gets paid?


     70% to MP owner of nominated horse (on registration papers)

     20% to MP Dam owner (registered)

     10% to MP Breeder (listed on the registration papers)


**In order for Dam Owner and Breeder to be paid, Dam of nominated horse MUST BE REGISTERED IN MP. If Dam is not registered only MP owner will be paid and Dam owner/breeder money will be used at Mare Power LLC's discretion.


If I have a gelding or Stallion can he be eligible to run for Mare Power Bonus Money?


Yes. If your gelding/stallion was born of a MP registered mare. If the dam of your gelding/stallion has not been registered, but is still living she can be registered with Mare Power by her current owner. When she is registered, 15 of her offspring (regardless of age) can be nominated in the first year for $150 each (this nomination is good for life). In the event the dam is no longer living and has never been registered, she cannot be registered in Mare Power, which means your gelding/stallion is not eligible to compete for Mare Power Bonus Money.




If my Mare Power registered broodmare dies, but I have frozen embryos from her, how will this be handled?


You must continue to pay your registered mare’s yearly fee to keep her embryo foals eligible until those embryos are ready to be nominated.




What if my Mare Power registered broodmare dies and one of her nominated offspring wins MP Bonus money, who gets paid?


The owner of the offspring is paid, Mare (broodmare) owner who kept the mare registered yearly in MP (mare must be registered when money earning offspring was nominated), and the breeder one the registration papers.



Why will Mare Power make my nominated foal worth more?


From a selling stand point you have a nominated foal that is eligible to run for Mare Powers Bonus money for life.

Buyers stand point: If you are looking to buy a prospect and it comes down to two, prospect 1 who is by Y stallion(Incentive Stallion) and out of X mare. Prospect 2 is also by Y (Incentive Stallion) and out of Z mare who is a Mare Power Registered, and prospect is MP Nominated. Prospect 1 will be running at 1 incentive money, prospect 2 will be running at incentive money AND MP Bonus money. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to want to run at the most money I can, I would choose prospect 2.



Where will Mare Power be adding money?


We plan to have Mare Power Bonus Money at many Futurities, Derbies, and Open divisional barrel races. We will be adding MP Bonus Money at a lot of bigger sanctioned barrel races as enrollment increases.


Mare Power Rules



1. MP has the right to refuse any registration or nomination.

2. MP requires a front/back copy of the horse’s papers for Registration or Nomination.

3.You must own or be leasing the horse you are registering or nominating. *If you are leasing we must have documentation of this lease through registration association (including dates, and signatures).

4. MP must be notified of a broodmare’s death for our records.

5. A MP sticker will be issued once all registration/nomination fees are paid. If nominated horse is sold a new sticker can be mailed to the new owner, we must have an updated front/back copy of papers after transfer.

6. All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the Mare Power Bonus Money Program shall be decided by Mare Power LLC.

7. Mare Power LLC reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the Bonus Money program as it, in its sole discretion, Mare Power LLC, may cancel the program at any time and refund money(paid in the last year to date of cancellation), excluding interest, if it deems participation is insufficient to justify the program.

8. A current listing of all nominated horses that have supplied the Mare Power office with a copy of their registrations papers will be on Mare Power LLC web site.

9. For a Mare Power foal to be eligible for Bonus Money:

-On entry form designate MP horse and use Horse’s registered name

-Supply copy of horse’s papers showing current owner with each entry.

-Have current address and SS# on file with MP office.


1. All registration and nomination fees will become part of the “Bonus Reward Money” purse and distributed pursuant to these rules.

2. 80% of all registration and nomination feed received will be held by Mare Power LLC for distribution as Bonus Reward Money. 20% of all registration and nomination fees shall be deducted when received. Mare Power LLC will use this for promotion of program.

3. Bonus reward money will be distributed as followed:

    70% to MP owner of nominated foal (on registration papers)

    20% to MP Dam owner (registered)

    10% to MP Breeder (listed on the registration papers)

4. Futurities, Derbies, and Open Competition will be paid in Go Rounds and an Average. We determine how the average will be paid according to how the event producer pays. Some will pay on 2 go rounds and some 3, this will depend on the Futurity producer. We also award fastest times at some Derbies. The number of places will depend on the amount of Bonus Money added. *REMEMBER you are ONLY competing against other Mare Power nominated horses. 


5. Owner distributions will be available approximately 2 weeks after the event producer gets full results to the Mare Power office. Dam owner and Breeder distribution will be available at the end of the applicable year. It is the responsibility of the bonus reward money winner to provide Mare Power LLC with current address and tax information before any distributations are made. Any bonus reward money not claimed in a year to date after it was earned is forfeited by the winner and will be added to the following year’s purse.




All Registrations, nominations, papers, and fees must be in order and paid in FULL 30 days prior to the horse being eligible to compete for MP Bonus Money. Mare Power nominated and/or registered horse MUST be within the age requirements of Futurity Producer’s rules.





All Registrations, nominations, papers, and fees must be in order and paid in FULL 30 days prior to the horse being eligible to compete for MP Bonus Money. Contestants must provide the horse’s registered name and a copy of registration papers, and must designate on the event’s entry what they are competing for on a Mare Power horse.





Eligible Foals: $150 is due within the first year of the foal’s birth date on Registration papers. If foal is older than one year (after mare’s first year of registration) it will cost $200 to nominate.


After broodmare’s first registration year her offspring must be under a year of age to nominate for $150.



If a broodmare is registered with MP for the FIRST TIME, up to 15 of her offspring can be nominated within the FIRST year of her registration.


If you are registering and nominating a mare to compete on it will cost $100 for registration, and $150 for nomination. ALL Nominations are good for the lifetime of the horse. If owner decides to Embryo Transfer this mare while she is competing this mare must be registered yearly just like a broodmare for her foals to be eligible for nomination.


The owner of a competing registered and nominated mare will be paid the 70%. The dam owner and breeder will NOT be paid unless mare’s dam is registered with MP.



Mare Power reserves the right to refuse ANY horse or owner into this program.

Registering a broodmare costs $100 and $100 each year to remain registered.

The first year a mare is registered, 15 of her previous foals can be nominated within that first year at $150 each. This program is available to a limited number of 1000 mares; once we are full all other mares will be put on a waiting list. We will review adding more mares that following year. Once a mare drops off our list, and is later added she DOES NOT have the option of having multiple foals nominated under her UNLESS they are from an Embryo Transfer. She will also drop to a waiting list if all slots are full. If a mare is put on a waiting list and we decide to allow more mares, mares on the waiting list will have first chance at those spots. A front/back copy of registration papers MUST be on file with Mare Power, showing current owner. If a Mare Power Registered mare is sold, the new owner can keep her registered in Mare Power as long as her registration is paid the following year. *Mare Power will need a new copy of registration papers showing the CURRENT owner of mare. If a mare is dropped from our broodmare list due to non renewal of registration, the mare can be registered again only IF there is an open slot. If a mare dies the owner has the option of placing another mare on the list in her slot for another registration fee of $100, unless the mare died with in 30 days of being registered for the year. In the event that a broodmare dies and her offspring continue to win money after her death, MP will pay “dam owner” who last kept the mare registered. The broodmare HAS to be registered when offspring is nominated. MP must have documentation of the broodmare’s death for our records. Owner will have the option of adding another mare in her spot. You must continue to pay your registered mare’s yearly fee to keep her embryo foals eligible until those embryos are ready to be nominated.