Empowering The Mare Owner 

Mare Power LLC

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Isn’t it time to give mares the credit they deserve? Breeders put a lot of emphasis on broodmares in everything from pedigree, conformation, performance record, disposition, and production record. Many even believe the mare contributes 60-80% of the foals make up. Knowing how important broodmares are, Mare Power is ready to give them their own Bonus Money program! We believe it’s long over due. Mare Power is designed to pay the owner, dam owner, and breeder of the nominated horse. Registering your broodmare and re-registering her yearly gives the mare owner an opportunity to nominate her foals for Mare Power Bonus Money, and an opportunity to reap the benefits of raising winners.


Mare Power Bonus Money will consist of 80% of registration and nomination fees and will be distributed at select Futurities, Derbies and Divisional races. Another great benefit of Mare Power is that you can not only register your broodmare and nominate her offspring regardless of age, but also register and nominate mares you are currently running, making them eligible to run for Mare Power’s Bonus money right now. We believe this program is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved.